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Take Your Business to the Next Level

Lead Capture and Automation for Concrete Flooring Contractors

We take the stress out of capturing leads and engaging your customers with our unified inbox and automated follow-up campaigns.

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Our passion is helping small business owners grow their businesses by simplifying lead capture and communications in addition to automation that makes you money.

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Easy Onboarding

Get up and running fast so that you can get started capturing and communicating with your incoming leads quickly and efficiently. The faster you can reply the better.

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Technology can be overwhelming but we are here to help you implement lead capture and engagement campaigns that will help your business not only succeed but thrive.

You are losing Leads and Don't Even Know it

Has this happened to you? A customer messaged you on Facebook or Instagram but you didn't see their message until a week later and when you contacted them they had already hired another contractor. Or you ran into a customer that you did work for and they had hired another contractor to do a job because they forgot about you. Maybe you showed up for an appointment and the customer wasn't there and didn't remember or forgot to tell you. Most Contractors struggle with these same issues. You are not alone and we are here to help!

We Got You Covered

The New Way of Doing Things

When you install our Smart Local Plus app and get it set up, the "Conversations" tab will become your new best friend.

This is where you will go to check all new messages and calls that have come in from your Google My Business Page, your Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp (coming soon) and your website text chat widget.

Calls from your GMB will be forwarded to your phone and if the caller gets a busy signal or recording they will get an automated text message saying "Sorry we missed your call, how can we help?" This shows your customer that you care and continues the conversation via text. This one feature alone has saved businesses many lost leads and made them a lot of $$.

Google and Facebook reviews are the best lead drivers but most businesses don't have a system to generate new reviews. But now you will be able to automatically or manually request reviews especially from those customers that you know are happy and love your work. The result is many new 4 & 5 star reviews boosting your SEO and new leads!

It is important to respond to new leads quickly otherwise they will just keep going down the list until they find someone that can help them. And that is what our app does! It makes it easy to respond quickly manually and with automations.

Smart Local Plus workflow

Being able to respond Quickly to your customers personally and with automations will transform your website, GMB and social media into lead generating machines!

Seamless Integration With 2000+ Tools

Integrate With The Tools You Already Love With Our Custom Integration, Webhooks And Zapier!

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We help Concrete Flooring Contractors take command of their leads and not only generate more leads but keep your leads and customer engaged with automations.

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